Nov 14, 2013

When tomorrow comes!

Beyond the obvious,
More than what meets the eye.
He challenged ways of the world,
With a zealous cry.

Unshackled the chains of mediocrity,
To soar high.
Dreamt of the stars,
As he yearned for the sky!

He ceased to get wasted,
On trifling matters.
And strengthened his soul,
For ascent on trying waters.

He furthered into time,
Brandishing his sword.
Slashing the barbs,
Fearless of the circumstances that roared.

Miseries, he thwarted,
And held his flag high.
Profoundness of his spirit,
None could defy.

He now casts a glance at those,
Who bow before him.
These were the very ones,
Who repudiated him at their whim!

© A.N.

Nov 5, 2013

Time of the year I love the most!

So, officially, I am in that period of the year which I love the most- the Diwali week.
The festivities, the temple bells, the crackers (and the prospect of jumping over a 'chakri' entices me, absolutely! :)

There hasn't been a Diwali which I haven't celebrated out of home; this being the 4th Diwali from the time I relocated to a different city. The whole series of events that precede the festival- cleaning up, decorations, cooking various delicacies etc. add on immense exhilaration to the otherwise routine life- moreso, robotic! :P

Hope everyone else reading has also had great fun this festive season.

May you all grow, and shine in your lives! :) :)

Oct 19, 2013

Chronicles of dementia..

Have you ever had this feeling that you could laugh incessantly over a thing which hasn't occurred in real? Or probably, smirk at people, knowing exactly what would be their next reaction? Or better still, re-create an entire incident from the past and narrate to someone who was not party to it, an absolutely different course it took? :D

Over the years, I have very strongly felt that my right side of the brain has gained prominence, pushing me into all sorts of these 'imagination' led activities. And like that fellow from Kkrish says... "Just imagine!" ;)

I feel it is so much more logical to let your craziness, emotions, intuiton come out of your soul, into the real world, and then quickly subside, before many notice. However, for some, who are the perfect cronies would sense even the subtlest movements of yours, and would give a mental Hi5 even before you've actually worn your robe of the devil. Salut to all those smart souls..

A perfect depiction o' lunacy ! :)

© A.N.

Oct 16, 2013

Sep 16, 2013

A tribute to 'speech'!

Well, the title of the post might sound weird, and rest assured, it actually is! :P

I love to talk! However, it is only with a handful that I might engage into a conversation pretty often. But these chosen ones, need to be blessed, because, once they fall in the trap, they have to listen to all the blabber (and balderdash).. :D

So, right since I was a kid, I had a penchant for should I call it?...enlightening the world with the gift of the gab! Even it meant reading out aloud a passage from the book while at school, or reciting a poem in front of family, I've somehow never been shy of words. To add to that, the literary extra currics that I participated in, only accentuated this.
I clearly remember most of my teachers complaining to mom that I have been very 'talkative'. Poor her, she had to listen to this at almost every touchpoint at the end of two months. ;)

As I grew up, thankfully, I also developed the habit of listening to people & their views pretty attentively, and consider myself a good listener now! :D

After the tongue is tired of lashing out words, there's an attempt to give it some rest and put on that extra load on to my hands- to write. How amazing can writing be.. You can build your cobweb of thoughts & share across ideas with someone else..

And yes, that does remind me of one of my favourite phrases.. "Cogito ergo sum". Period!

Aug 4, 2013

The chosen path!

Often does one hear people say, "Had I not been X, I'd have tried to become a Y".
So, for example, quoting someone I overheard recently- "I'd always wanted to be a chef & own a bakery shop. Only if I were not working as a Manager at some ABC company". Let us call this person Mr. M. Mr. M let off this secret of his off his chest, heaving a sigh!

Concurring with Mr. M, people around nodded their heads and were lost in tales of what they'd wish to be while really, and how circumstances were the evil force in their landing up at a certain place right now.

Often do I wonder, when'll we stop blaming people and things around, and delve a lil deeper- within your soul. Why can we not do both the things? Of course, the rigour & intensity of one out of the two would always be higher. Working full-time in an FMCG company, would leave us with lil time to lay our hands upon that canvas board. But even an hour in a day would keep us in touch with what we love the most.
Most of the times, we are plain lazy, and try to put on a fa├žade of inhibition, scepticism to push off a certain thing. Every evolution demands time and effort. Have we even tried on investing these two before harping of the ill yield? And even then, if we feel that devoting much time to a thing X helps us in deriving greater pleasure than Y, then why not change the course?

Quoting Stairay to Heaven-  ahem ahem- ~Yes, there are two paths you can go by, but in the long run, there's still time to change the road you're on~

© A.N.